My journey in art began at a young age: appreciating linear drawings by M.C. Escher and organic paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe on the walls of my childhood home; looking forward to handmade gifts from my aunts and Grandma at every Christmas; and watching my older sister draw.

After 4 years of art classes in high school, I knew art was the ONLY direction for me.

I received a B.A. in Art, concentration in ceramics, from UNC Asheville in 2002 (when I also had my first experience with yoga and meditation). I taught myself to make jewelry in 2006, and took a metalsmithing class in 2009. For 10 years I made Gritgoods Jewelry; I sold it online, in galleries, and at many festivals in the Southeast, but it was my ceramics background that came back to be useful in the creation of Centering Pendants.

I am the maker; the Universe is the creator.

It wasn’t until I quit my day job, meditated consistently, and asked the Universe to bring more purpose and meaning to my jewelry that I was gifted the idea for Centering Pendants.

I used to teach yoga AND make jewelry. I had two dream jobs but I knew I could never be very successful at both. In 2016 I began to meditate on making the choice between teaching yoga OR making jewelry. I kept telling the people in my life that I wanted to choose jewelry but it had to have more purpose and meaning. Yoga is full of purpose and meaning and I couldn’t JUST make pretty jewelry forever - there’s no real purpose or meaning in that.

Then one day, in the car of all places, I was pondering how a lot of people miss yoga classes and don’t stay consistent with a meditation practice because of time constraints. I looked down at my hands on the wheel and put my thumb and forefinger together in gyan mudra, knowing that simply taking a few breaths anytime of the day, can briefly bring about that blissful feeling you get while meditating or in yoga class. I thought it was interesting how the shape of the wheel made it perfect for me to wrap my fingers around and still touch and my create art wheels started spinning… and the idea for Centering Pendants came to me! The idea of this two-sided form was a gift from the Universe and along with the idea came a profound sense of being heard and answered.

Luckily, I had the art background to figure out how to bring this idea to reality!

After creating the Original Pendant in January of 2017, I immediately began to feel the benefits. I wore the Original Pendant every day, touching it when I felt doubtful, insecure or just stressed out, and would be overwhelmed with physical sensation in my heart of being whole and complete; a feeling of calm, centeredness, and being connected to something greater than myself. It was a lesson in trusting mySelf, letting go of the past, releasing control of the future, and it was also the beginning of a spiritual awakening for me: a truly magical experience!

The Universe made it clear that my purpose was to make these pendants and after further meditation on focus, purpose and intention it was clear that I was meant ONLY to make these Pendants, so I also quit teaching yoga to focus on them full time.

I know this pendant is capable of calming and centering you because it has helped calm and center me.

And I truly believe it is my purpose, as an artist, to MAKE these for YOU.