Centering Pendants©; A Functional tool and a work of art.

It's a tool to take a yoga, mindfulness or meditation practice beyond the mat and into everyday life; a quick mindfulness meditation for the in-between times. Their unique and intentional form serves as a reminder to take a brief moment to center anytime of the day, every time you touch it.

Two concave halves, assembled back to back with a hole in the middle create the perfect space for you thumb and forefinger to slide together to touch in gyan mudra. You'll be reminded to take a mindful moment and some deep breaths, and immediately feel calm, grounded, and centered.

It’s like coming hOMe, to your Self.

Centering Pendants© are an original idea by Margaret Goodson Graham. She first thought of the idea in the Fall of 2016, and the first real pendant came to life in January 2017. The Original Centering Pendant pictured below is a 12-petal lotus and reminds Margaret that she is capable of anything. The Original pendant helped Margaret release old limiting beliefs so she could begin to build the life of her dreams.


The original 12-petal lotus

Margaret chose 12 petals to reflect the 12 petals in the heart chakra design and although this original design is retired, she continues to make 12-petal designs to represent this original.