a simple way to calm yourself


It’s simple and easy

Centering Pendants were designed as two-sided, concave pendants to fit your thumb and finger perfectly. Every time you touch it, it’s a reminder to take a few deep breaths: pause, breathe, and reCenter yourSelf.


Giving back

Centering Pendants were inspired by Margaret’s yoga journey and she continues to give back to the yoga community by supporting Light a Path, a non-profit organization bringing free yoga and other somatic therapies to youth, the unhoused, incarcerated, and others.


Works of art

Every pendant is individually handmade by artist, Margaret Graham, in fine silver (99.9% pure) or copper. The designs are limited editions and each one has an edition number and an ‘m’ inscribed in the edge.


A gift from the universe

The idea for Centering Pendants© came to Margaret after she repeatedly asked the Universe for ‘more purpose and meaning‘ in her jewelry. She quit teaching yoga in 2017 to pursue making Pendants full time.

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